Presenting ICT solutions

‘A good ICT worker has control over technology and communication’

Technology changes fast and ICT projects become increasingly complex. You need speaker and presentation skills to:

  • Be able to make an inventory of the demand for ICT infrastructure within a company
  • To participate well in projects
  • To explain choices
  • To communicate with customers and people from all levels of a company
  • To give advise in an understandable way


Not everyone knows the language of technology. Each target group that you are dealing with, needs a different and specific approach.

During the InCompany coaching program ‘Presenting ICT solutions’, you will learn to master the art of clearly communicating your professional knowledge to anyone and to be a relaxed, pleasant, and clear conversation partner.

This will teach you:

  • How to give a presentation in a relaxed manner
  • The ingredients of a good presentation
  • To turn abstract information into a concrete story
  • To communicate information from the perception of your audience
  • To relate to current events
  • To fill the room with your presence and make contact
  • To engage, influence, and convince
  • To speak visually
  • To make use of your voice, body language, and authenticity
  • To communicate information effectively, without spending too much time on it


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