Pieter Frijters MindTuningAbout Pieter Frijters

Pieter Frijters started his career as a communication coach. Later on, he became an entrepreneur and was a director of several companies. He has experienced wealth and poverty, fortune and misfortune, through all aspects of life.


In 1992, Pieter Frijters developed a method to effectively solve stress related complaints, to verbally communicate clearly, and to remember conversations better. He called his methodology MindTuning.


Pieter Frijters became known in the Netherlands for his speaking training programs and MindTuning sessions. He is highly motivated, radical, and has a no-nonsense approach. He held NO-seminars, seminars in authority, and training programs in the field of appearance, influence, and charisma.

An authority in giving a presentation in a releaxed way

In 1993, Pieter Frijters noticed that most managers consulted him to eliminate their speaking anxiety. This was the reason he started the training programs for ‘Public Speaking’ one year later.
For quite a while, the coaching has been about more than just solving speaking stress. Over time, all of the training programs have been aimed at learning to give presentations in an easy and very impactful way. Speaking anxiety is solved in a subtle, effective, and imperceptible way.
Pieter Frijter’s training program ‘Presenting Well’ is for advanced and experienced speakers. Even the very best speakers can really indulge themselves with this program and improve. With speaking and convincing, there’s always room for improvement.

Conversation Partnercoaching

Pieter Frijters is a personal coach partner of a great number of top managers when accentuating their vision and making important decisions, both at work and in their personal lifes.