Presenting for beginners

Learning to present playfully, without effort

Comfortably presenting: the first step

Do you have no or hardly any experience with presenting? Do you break into a cold sweat when you’re only thinking of a presentation? Do you want to learn to present in a pleasant environment, together with people who share your insecurities in this area? Then ‘Presenting for Beginners’ is perfect for you. The workshop is arranged in such a way that you will feel comfortable and learn to present in a playfull way.

Looking and listening: the second step

When you know that it is almost your turn to present, you are inclined to pay more attention to your own story than looking and listening to another speaker. During the ‘Presenting for Beginners’ workshop, you will learn in peace en quiet how to soak up your surroundings and to listen visually. The result is that you will be calm before your own presentation and remember twice as much.

Presenting without speaking anxiety: the third step

Presenting without nervousness is too much to ask. Even experienced speakers feel some stress when they present. This is because presenting feels like a competition. You can’t do it again. Much attention is given to presenting without speaking anxiety, because fear will make you freez. You will learn how you can present yourself well with a healthy kind of tension.

Presenting and body language: the fourth step

During a presentation, body language is essential. How is your posture? What do you look at and what do your eyes focus on? How do you use your hands to support what you’re saying? In which way do you show self-confidence and why is it that people listen to you? Automatically, you will experience that what you’ve learned immediately works.

Presenting and vocalization: the fifth step

Unfortunately, there are not many speakers that know how to use their voice effectively. Even professional speakers still don’t do this often enough. During this coaching program, you will get acquainted with MTRL: mind-tone-rhythm-language; the only language that immediately permeates everyone’s mind and which you can also personally benefit from.

Presenting: the sixth step

Every participant receives personal advice to perfect his / her presentation skills. You will also be given advice about follow-up coaching that directly connects with what  you are capable of at that moment.

What can you expect from the ‘Presenting for Beginners’ workshop?

* From now on, you will comfortable in front of a group
* You will learn to observe and to remember twice as much
* You can present with a pleasant kind of tension
* You will look self-confident
* You will know how to use your voice as an instrument
* You will show more personality
* Presenting has never been this easy

Your investment: €530. Excluding 21% VAT and including coffee, tea, snacks, and an extensive lunch.

Extra plus points:

* No arrangement costs
* Free coaching materials
* Our own parking lot
* Two train stations are within six minutes walking distance
* Ideal network environment with lounge area
* Located in the center of the Netherlands (in the region of Gouda)

Number of participants: A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 people.
Receive a 10% discount for subscribing 2 or more people.

Follow-up coaching

Public Speaking: Two days

This coaching program has been the top coaching program in the Netherlands for more than 20 years. The results are staggering. Your teacher is Pieter Frijters. Do you want to give an enthusiastic, relaxed, captivating and fascinating speech or presentation nearly unprepared? Then this coaching program is a revelation.

Follow-uo coaching for intermediate and advanced speakers

Speaking and convincing | Presenting well: Two days course

Presenting well also means that you present with conviction and that you fully exploit your voice potential. You will learn to naturally show charisma and to be able to even present bare facts and figures in a fascinating way. ‘Presenting well’ is coaching at a top level and always receives the highest rating.

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