Presenting in Education

‘An inspiring teacher activates the brains of his students’

You are enthusiastic about the teaching material and you want to express your passion. Unfortunately, you will not only deal with motivated students in education. And it will become increasingly difficult to keep the attention of a class.

Yet, there are teachers to who it seems natural to have control over and fascinate pupils or students. That is also reserved for you!

The InCompany coaching program ‘Presenting in Education’ provides you with the tools to learn to teach in such a way that the students will want to listen to you and will maximize the absorption of the teaching material. It is not about the information that you want to pass on – after all, you know exactly what you want to talk about – but the way you communicate it and how you characterize yourself.

During the coaching, there is a lot of room to practice and to experience that the given tools work. After the coaching, you will know how to maximally stimulate the brains of your students and will be able to teach in an inspiring way.

This will teach you:

  • To be relaxed when you are in front of the class
  • To fill the room with your presence and to radiate natural leadership
  • To get attention and to hold on to it
  • To use your voice, body language, and authenticity
  • To communicate information from the perception of your students
  • To engage ‘difficult’ students and keep their attention
  • Influencing language


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