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pieter frijters traning program

All coaching programs have been developed by Pieter Frijters

Are you a beginner and/or do you suffer from speaking anxiety? Then ‘Presenting for Beginners’ is definitely the best solution for you.

Do you want quick results? Do you sometimes suffer from speaking stress and are not a top speaker, YET? Then choose for the fast training ‘Public Speaking’ program.

Are you a fairly experienced speaker and want to present EVEN better than you already do? Or did you take the fast training ‘Public Speaking’ program before? Choose the fast training ‘Presenting Well’ program.

Do you want to get the MAXIMUM out of the verbal communication of your EMPLOYEES and improve their presentation skills? Inquire about the possibilities for our tailor-made InCompany training programs.

Do you find PRIVACY, time, and/or 100% personal attention important? Then personal coaching is perfect for you.

All Coaching programs:
Fast training – Public Speaking
Fast training – Presenting well
Presenting for beginners
InCompany Training Programs
Refresh Training Programs and Seminars

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