What is MindTuning™?

Pieter Frijters discovered what makes musicians play better, what makes singers sing better, what makes actors perform better, and what makes students study faster. He also discovered what makes speakers speak in a spontaneous and fascinating manner: MindTuning – tuning your mind to the right frequency. Background noice disappears and you achieve a flawless result.

Leading brand

Your creative intelligence is a talent that should be cherished and enjoyed. Pieter Frijters has the knowledge and skills to mobilize your intellectual potential in such a way that every reasonable goal becomes attainable. MindTuning™ has been the leading brand for properly solving psychological problems. In the Netherlands, Pieter Frijters laid the foundation for fast interventions that were previously considered impossible.

•    Everything you learn has a positive effect on the rest of your life.
•    Improve your position at your work, in your relationship, and your social status.
•    Your mind will be more at peace enabeling you to maintain a focused overview.

MindTuning™ is the basis for all other discoveries.