Ultrafast respons ability due to the Out of Focus Technique

Pieter Frijters learned to stay focused on the ball while playing tennis. The more he did this, the harder it became to hit the ball hard. Motorcycling in the mountains also didn’t go as easy as he wanted in the first year. His way of looking was still too focused on avoiding holes and track grooves.

It wasn’t until he got his first client with driving anxiety that Pieter Frijters noticed something. He saw how that person was fixated at the road ten meters ahead. Pieter Frijter’s own frustration with regard to playing tennis and motorcycling came to mind again.
Thereafter, he developed the Out of Focus Technique as a way to observe what makes everyone happy.

The advantages:

  • Driving a car, playing soccer, motorcycling, and skiing take much less effort.
  • Your ability to react increases up to five times.
  • In tense situations, you will maintain an overview and react calmly.
  • No soccer player will ever miss a penalty again.
  • An ideal technique for dealing with speaking anxiety, blushing, fear of sweating, etc.
  • Complaints like driving anxiety, fear of flying, agoraphobia, and fear of heights do not stand a chance.

Out of focus-techniek™ is a trademark of Pieter J.G. Frijters