MTRL (mind-tone-rhythm-language)

There is a big chance that you speak in a voice that is monotone, too high, too soft, too nice, too slow, or too fast. Because of this, the effect of what you’re saying loses impact.

The manner in which you say something – sound, tone, rhythm, facial expression, posture, movement, and synchronicity – determines the impact. To teach his students to speak with high impact, Pieter Frijters developed MTRL.

The advantages:

  • When you speak in MTRL, the things you say penetrate the subconscious mind.
  • Your message will stick and you will gain influence.
  • MTRL is a must for every coach, sales manager, presenter, politician, lawyer, or psychologist who really wants to get through to people.

However, MTRL requires practice and awareness.

Thinking is nothing else than having conversations with yourself. Acceleration in your thinking and too high (thinking) tones, contribute to a narrowing of your consciousness, with all its unpleasant consequences. MTRL also ensures that the way you talk (think) to yourself is positively influenced. Negative thoughts will no longer trigger unpleasant reactions. Even hyperventilating becomes impossible.

MTRT™ is a trademark of Pieter J.G. Frijters.