Presenting renovation plans

‘A good presentation will create positive images on the inner visual screen of your audiance’

As a building society or contractor, you will have all the knowledge and skills with regard to renovating of houses and buildings. Presenting renovation plans to tenants that have to temporarily move to another location is a very different case.

It is important that you know how to make them enthusiastic for your project. After all, tenants can delay your plans, and in some cases even prevent them via court procedures.

What you say is important, but how you say it is of major importance. During the InCompany coaching program ‘Presenting Renovation Plans’, you will learn everything about engaging, influencing, and convincing your listeners.

For example, use of voice and body language play an important role in this, in addition to whether you are really able to make contact and are able to create positive images on the inner visual screen of your audiance.

This will teach you:

  • How to give a presentation in a relaxed manner
  • The ingredients of a good presentation
  • To turn abstract information into a concrete story
  • To communicate information from the perception of your audience
  • To relate to current events
  • To fill the room with your presence and make contact
  • To engage, influence, and convince
  • To speak visually
  • To make use of your voice, body language, and authenticity
  • To communicate information effectively, without spending too much time on it


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