Presenting for the financial sector

‘Abstract information does not sink in, enthusiastic stories do’

When you work in the financial world, you will regularly communicate with customers from different industries. The best way to lose the attention of your audience is by using too much professional language. People who want to keep their audience captivated will pass on information in the language familiair to their listeners.

In the InCompany coaching program ‘Presenting for the financial sector’, you will learn to communicate financial information in understandable terms with enthusiasm.

You will develop the courage to stand out in your choice of words and presentation. Effortlessly, you will be able te present bare facts and figures in an original and distinguished presentation, one that will inspire customers and will convince them of your expertise, and the value of your financial products or services.

This will teach you:

  • How to give a presentation in a relaxed manner
  • The ingredients of a good presentation
  • To turn abstract information into a concrete story
  • To communicate information from the perception of your audience
  • To relate to current events
  • To fill the room with your presence and make contact
  • To engage, influence, and convince
  • To speak visually
  • To make use of your voice, body language and authenticity
  • To communicate information effectively, without spending too much time on it


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