Presenting ERP solutions

‘A good presentation makes the difference’

How do you distinguish yourself as an ERP consultant? How do you make it clear to potential customers why the should engage you? How do you manage to obtain all the necessary information? Do you win over everyone to make the process successful during the implementation?

Of course, you know more than anybody else why a customer should choose your ERP solution and which advantages will be gained. However, colleagues know this as well. When you want to win a contract, it will be about how you come across the first time and how clear you are able to present your ERP solution. With that, you will make the difference!

During the InCompany coaching program ‘Presenting ERP solutions’, you will gain insight into all of these processes that play a part in effectively presenting your ERP advice and proposals.

This will teach you:

  • How to give a presentation in a releaxed manner
  • To turn abstract information into a concrete story
  • To communicate information from the perception of your audience
  • To relate to current events
  • To fill the room with your presence and make contact
  • To engage, influence, and convince
  • To speak visually
  • To make use of your voice, body language, and authenticity
  • To communicate on information effectively, without spending too much time on it


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