Presenting for consultants

‘Presenting is convincing’

Consultancy work starts with acquiring assignments that match your knowledge and experience as an consultant. You often have to compete for an assignment with multiple competitors. Therefore, it is important that you know how to present yourself as the ideal candidate.

During the InCompany ‘Presenting for consultants’ coaching, you learn how to improve your presentation skills to a higher level. You will be handed the tools that will really enhance your chances of bringing in clients multiple times. You will also experience the benefits of that as soon as you start working for an organization. After all, communication is a major part of your activities.

With ‘Presenting for consultants’, you give yourself and your organization extra tools to optimize your knowledge and abilities and to continue improving yourself with regard to your colleagues. Your appearance will visibly improve and your ability to convince will increase.

This will teach you:

  • How to give a presentation in a relaxed manner
  • Which ingredients belong in a good presentation
  • To communicate information from the perception of your audience
  • To relate to current events
  • To fill the room with your presence and make contact
  • To engage, influence, and convince
  • To speak visually
  • To make use of your voice, body language, and authenticity
  • To communicate information effectively, without taking up too much time of the customer


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