Last Tuesday I held my presentation. It went well. There were about 80 people present; residents, municipality officials, councilors, and journalists. The only thing I had to do was remain calm. It worked. At the end of the evening, several people complimented me on my presentation! An official came up to me and said: “What a great presentation!” Furthermore, a councilor told me my story was very easy to follow. This is in contrast to the presentation of a police officer. “He should surely follow the same course! What a boring story… Very monotone and various pieces of text on sheets.
Today I held my first 45-minute public presentation. It went very well. I was relaxed and told my story. The presentation also included a PowerPoint (written by others) with two boring articles. The first half hour I spoke without any preparation, which went very well. But as soon as I started to discuss the articles, the audience became restless. The feedback I received from P&O was good. “Especially the impromptu story was very convincing,” they said. A lesson for the next time: I’ll remove the entire PowerPoint. I have now been scheduled for four additional presentations.
I still feel euphoric. When I stood on the rostrum and quietly looked around, everyone became silent. What a great feeling! When I started to speak, the microphone didn’t work. I absolutely did NOT panic. For me, this was such a special occasion. I noticed that my voice was a little high, but after I realized this, and started to speak in lower tones, I became even more relaxed. After the presentation, people came to me and asked where the municipality had hired me from. Even now, I still can’t believe it.
I’d like to let you know that not so long ago, thanks to your training and advice, I held a very successful presentation! Having prepared nothing, I knew what I wanted to talk about and mastered the subject. I only prepared a PowerPoint (as a supporting tool). I had good and spontaneous contact with the group of students. Everything went well! Afterwards, a student asked if I would like to come again for a lecture. There’s no better compliment!
Today I gave an important presentation. It was very successful. I was a ‘source of calmness’, resulting in a good presentation. I was able to consciously take the lead and claimed the silence. This greatly contributed to an excellent performance. In short, it was very nice to give a presentation without nerves. I was finally able to concentrate on conveying my message, instead of worrying about questions such as ‘how do I do it?
I had promised to report about my performance at a conference on food (in front of a audience). It was great! In the meantime, I have stood in front of an audience of lawyers, judges, and professors. This also went very well. I think I needed some time to realize the fact that I’m actually perfectly capable of getting my point across. However, in the past, I was never able to prove myself, being always struck down with stage fright. I’m glad you helped me overcome this problem. Thank you again!
Better than expected. Highly recommended!
It’s nice to get the opportunity to speak by yourself.
A great investment. I really learned to enjoy speaking.
The methodology that teaches you to stand relaxed in front of a group appeals to me!
Presenting with healthy tension!
This is the first time I was relaxed during a presentation. No trembling legs, clammy hands, pounding heart, or heavy breathing. Simply wonderful! Thank you very much!