Primal Vision© Principle

The way you make visual contact determines whether you and others feel comfortable. Almost all adults forgot the principle of primal vision. Looking into each other’s eyes is learned, it’s unnatural behavior and is potentially disastrous. After all, if two animals look straight into each other’s eyes, it will usually end up in a fight.

Babies and pre-school children

This is the same when two men look straight into each other’s eyes for longer than ten seconds in a bar after one guy has stepped on the other’s toes. Pieter Frijters has rediscovered and applied the primal vision principle, like babies and pre-school children do.

The advantages:

  • You will feel at ease in every situation in which the attention is focused on you.
  • With the primal vision principle, important conversations, meetings, and presentations will become a nice home game.
  • Complaints like blushing, excessive sweating, fear of shaking, and speaking anxiety will no longer happen when you have acquired the primal vision principle.

© Primal Vision Principle – Pieter Frijters