Physical Grounding©

Twenty-five years ago, much was written about the importance of physical grounding. There were all kinds of courses. Despite the fact that he was a fairly good karateka, Pieter Frijters could not ground.

Steady as a rock

Therefore, he followed several courses, but noticed that the course instructors were also unable to control the grounding. After three years of Chi Kung he experienced that the energy (chi) is also steered by the visual system. Thanks to this discovery, he teaches everyone to become grounded in one minute. He developed an exercise method through which you will feel steady as a rock in every situation.

The advantages are huge:

  • You will live more in the here and now.
  • You will be more zelf convident, both physically and mentally.
  • You will feel that you have more energy and can handle life better.
  • From now on, you will see the bigger picture and the people around you see you are much happier.
  • Unrealistic fear or insecurity will not get a hold of you.